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Crowdfunding is a way for projects to raise money from a group of people. Find an Idea Want to get inspiration for a new business idea? Here's an example of a blog that needs funds to help it grow and thrive. This is a one-stop site for people who want to: - contribute to a charity or cause they believe in. - support a project for their own reasons. - give back to their community by giving money to a well-known charity or cause. - create a unique, memorable gift. - express themselves through creative projects. This is a site for people who want to get inspired by a great idea. You can contribute to projects that you think would be great. For example: Health - Start a food rescue organization. - Start a blood bank. - Create a vaccine for a preventable disease. - Create a device to detect cancer at early stages. Environment - Plant 1 million trees. - Build a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant. - Research a new technology to improve our environment. - Build a biodegradable table. Education - Create a math game for kindergarten students. - Create a web browser that can run on a mobile device. - Build an online gaming course. - Create a mobile app for learning languages. - Create a college scholarship program. - Create a free online course for people to learn to code. - Build a school library. - Build a gift shop at a library. - Build an international school curriculum that can be implemented anywhere. - Build a school-to-work bridge program. Creative - Create a museum that uses old technology. - Write a book that uses old letters and rare documents. - Create a unique, handmade product. - Create a gorgeous travel program. - Create a clothing line that only sells in Africa. - Create a travel guide for the city you live in. - Create a smartphone app that will change your life. Some of these ideas could be big while others could be small, but what matters is that you believe in them. Give your contribution directly to the project creator, or the charity or cause they are supporting




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Archicad 16 Uputstvo Srpski phriyva

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